What a manager can do if employee don't lissen to his superviser?

When an employee doesn't listen to their supervisor, there are several actions a manager can take:

a) Communicate clearly: First and foremost, the manager should have a conversation with the employee to understand the reasons behind their behaviour. They should clearly communicate expectations, provide feedback on performance, and emphasize the importance of following instructions.

b) Active listening: The manager should actively listen to the employee's concerns or reasons for not listening. Sometimes, there may be underlying issues or misunderstandings that need to be addressed.

c) Provide support and resources: If the employee lacks the necessary skills or knowledge to carry out their tasks, the manager should provide appropriate training, mentoring, or resources to help them succeed. This can help build competence and confidence, leading to better adherence to instructions.

d) Set consequences: If the employee consistently disregards instructions despite clear communication and support, the manager may need to set consequences. These consequences can range from verbal warnings to written warnings, performance improvement plans, or even disciplinary action if necessary.

e) Seek higher-level involvement: If the issue persists and has a significant impact on the team or the organization, the manager may need to involve higher-level management or HR to address the situation appropriately.


1) What consequences can be set and what disciplinary action can management take if employees misbehave or consistently disregards supervisor instructions?

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